"Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical"

— Jack Nicklaus

Every golfer wants to shoot better scores.

Maybe you want to consistently break 100.  Maybe you want to become a consistent 90’s golfer, or an 80’s golfer!  Maybe it’s to score more consistently in the 70’s.  Whatever your goal, your mental game will have the most impact on your scores…and is absolutely key to your enjoyment…and success!

Boost your Mental Golf Game

and shave 5 to 10 strokes off your score in as little as 3 months!

Have you ever…

  • Had negative thoughts racing through your mind just before, and during, your swing?
  • Felt so nervous that it hurt your performance?
  • Had a difficult time letting go of a miss-hit – like the dreaded. “chunk”, “shank”, “duck hook”, “slice”, “top”. etc.?
  • Found it hard to maintain focus and concentration… especially after hitting a poor shot?
  • Allowed a fear of failure to keep you from doing what you really want to accomplish?
  • Felt like your worry of making a mistake, makes you make another mistake?
  • Had the fear of making a bad shot cause you to change your swing, leading to another bad shot?
  • Lost confidence in hitting a certain club or shot and then began to worry that you might not ever get it back?
  • Felt like you “choked” under pressure at “crunch time”.
  • Felt like your mounting frustrations were beginning to take the “joy” out of playing the game?

When should you think about working with a Mental Training Consultant?

The truth is…most golfers have the physical tools to regularly score in the 80’s, maybe even the 70’s, but their mental skills are holding them back. 

Do any of these things happen on a regular basis?

  • Your practice swings feel good, but you then mis-hit when you actually try to hit your shot?
  • You feel great on the driving range but struggle during actual play?
  • You try to work on your mental game, but just can’t seem to get better at it?
  • You can only achieve that perfect mental state of, “Relaxed concentration” sometimes… and when you do, you hit a great shot.
  • You feel nervous and tense – worried about making a mistake – especially at important times… and you really wish you knew how to relax and focus better.
  • You know that “visualizing” your next shot is important… but you are having a hard time actually “visually feeling” the desired swing and shot…  and it is hurting your confidence.
  • Good players know that “Feel” is as much a mental skill as it is a physical/technical skill. Do you know how to improve your mental “feel” for the game?
  • The best golf swings are a blend of the mental with the technical. Are you missing shots because of your struggles with the mental side of your golf swing?
  • Do you want to get better at mentally managing your way through a round of golf? Improving this aspect of your golf game can shave 5 to 10 strokes per round.
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